Monthly Archives: February 2017

Fleet Management as a service

Fleet Management as a service Still many people are not aware that fleet management is more than just meter readings, toner replenishment and service alert handling. Only a small percentage is using a fleet management tool to use this as a basis for monitoring their behavior and drive for ongoing savings and optimization. Do you…
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Logistic Integration

Logistic Integration Supplies replenishment itself is already a complex activity and PrinterCare has extensive features to make your life easier on this topic. Either based on percentage level or remaining days we can manage your supplies activities. But what not many people may know is that we also have an integrated link to existing logistic…
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Manage USB Devices

Manage¬† USB devices One of the most annoying things for a contract manager is to manage USB connected devices. First challenge is to identify the amount of USB devices in your organization. There are multiple ways of doing this, but PrinterCare has decided to develop a local client in order to maximize the result for…
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