Monthly Archives: March 2017

Fleet Management as new business generator

Our world was a relatively simple one, but it has become more and more complicated and if I ask 10 organizations how they will be set-up / how their business model will look like in 5 years, at least 8 will say that they cannot really answer that question and struggle to find their future…
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True P&L Calculation

Are you aware that PrinterCare is allowing you to monitor your income streams and costs? How does this work In the portal you can set-up the actual costs for the customer like "All-In-Click" or "Rental+Click". The portal will automatically calculate based on the meter readings what the costs if for the customer, so no more…
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The “PrinterCare Box”

Many customers have asked us if it's possible to develop a black box that allows them to install a client of PrinterCare in their network without having to install this on a windows client, server of VM. Especially customers with multiple locations which do not have a single network were looking for an easy alternative.…
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