Fleet Management as a service

Fleet Management as a service

Still many people are not aware that fleet management is more than just meter readings, toner replenishment and service alert handling. Only a small percentage is using a fleet management tool to use this as a basis for monitoring their behavior and drive for ongoing savings and optimization.

Do you know that managing things such as overvolume, ondervolume, b&w vs color, managing the amount of devices and managing toner replenishment behavior can bring savings up to € 300 a year easily per device. The only thing you need is to actually monitor and analyze the actual data in the PrinterCare portal.

You don't have time or experience to do this yourself, don't worry, we can do this for you and we can offer remote analytical contract management services supporting you in the drive for savings. We will then quarterly provide you with a detailed report of your behavior and provide you with concrete tips how to realize savings or improve your fleet.

We can also help you with an online or remote contract management training. This help you to get the most out of our PrinterCare fleet management portal.

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