Ongoing Fleet Management

Ongoing Fleet Management


Ongoing Fleet Management Support, the next level

Our organization is constantly changing and so is your reprographic environment. Printercare can help you with managing these changes. The Printercare functionality provides you with all the relevant basic information you need. Device Information, Toner Information, Service Alerts and many more are some of the key features of the Printercare environment.


What we can offer

You can increase your savings and maximize functionality by using our “Ongoing fleet management support services”

We offer:

  • Pro-active Toner Reporting (Toner Status Information, Ordering Advice, 3rd party vs main)
  • MIF / Asset Reporting (Device / MIF overview, MIF Changes, Asset Value)
  • Volume / Usage Information (Volume Information, Over- and Under Utilization, Color Ratio, DS vs SS printing, A3 vs A4)
  • Service Alerts Report (SLA Information / Services Overview)
  • Actual Costs base vs Target Cost Base
  • Upcoming changes (new installations/removals, etc.)
  • Detailed pro-active report with concrete steps for savings/optimization/improvements
  • Remote optimization review Sessions to discuss concrete steps.
  • Access to your reports on a customer Portal

Could I do all this myself?

Absolutely, and PrinterCare will be there to support you in every possible way. However, the question you need to ask yourself is if you want to do this or want to focus your time on other tasks. With our experience and on-going fleet management infrastructure we could take these tasks away from you. We are convinced that we will find improvements, savings possibilities or other ways to help to improve your reprographic environment.

FM Services  GM Services FM Services
SME Account Enterprise Account Additional
Monthly report Monthly report Additional reviews
Bi-yearly report Quarterly review Custom reporting