MFP / Device Management

MFP / Device Management

There is many different ways to look at MFP and device management. Usually we all recognize the technical aspect of this but only a few understand that there is also a commercial aspect.

  • Do you know how much your organization is paying for toner replenishment

It's not just the cost for the toner, but all people which are involved in the process. The end-user calling the internal help-desk, someone at the internal help-desk who needs to decide what is required for ordering and often weekly or bi-weekly needs to prepare a PO which then needs to be processed by a person from the purchasing department. When there are different vendors involved, the process get's even more complex. We see often an enthusiastic purchasing manager saying he saved 0,10 cent on the toner whereas they have spent 100 Euro on time as many people are involved in the process

  • Costs for managing service alerts

The process is almost identical, instead of the purchasing department, likely someone from IT will be involved to deal with the actual calls towards the vendors. Again, a very time consuming process

  • Changes in your organization

Internal movements, new print requirements, third party products which have not been removed, changing print behavior, shift from black and white to color, over- and under volume, all aspects which have a direct impact on your costs for your printing environment. Who is going to a take a look at all these different aspects?

As you can see, the only way to look at these commercial aspects of printer and device management is by building a platform which allows you to optimize the aspects above. That's where PrinterCare comes in. Please take a look at our solution and see how we can help you.

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